Parma - Italy Oct 28 - 29 2025 #cibustecforum

Cibus Tec Forum will host an innovative exhibition area dedicated to the best startups in the foodtec sector.

These new realities will have the opportunity to get in touch with the food&bevarage sector, coming from Italy and all over the EMEA territories, to promote their creative and technologically advanced solutions ready to respond to new challenges.

Stay tuned to discover the startups participating in Cibus Tec Forum 2025! In the meantime, check out the exhibitor catalog of Cibus Tec Forum 2022 to explore the startups that were present!



You can find the Cibus Tec Forum 2022 startups in the Exhibitor’s Catalogue


The Cibus Tec Forum 2022 start-up area was developed with the contribution of:

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